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Dr. Douglas Luther

Confessions are tough. Real tough.

But, sometimes they help clear the air so there’s no misunderstanding. I want to tell you about a confession I have, but let me say a few other things first. Let me tell you my story…

Fifteen years ago something happened that changed my life forever.

Back then, I was working construction, but I developed a painful condition know as “lumbalgia.” In my case, it came on suddenly. The pain in my low back was so intense, that had trouble standing up straight and I couldn’t even walk around in the morning after getting out of bed. I could barely put my pants on to work for the day. I was taking aspirin like it was going out of style and was at my wits end because I thought that was my only option. A friend of mine convinced me to give his chiropractor a try.

Trying Chiropractic

The chiropractor did an exam, took some films and then “adjusted” my spine. The adjustment didn’t hurt, it actually felt good. I got relief, and I could walk normally again. It worked so well that I went to chiropractic school myself.

Boy… what a wake up call.

School was tough- really tough. I always remembered why I wanted to be a chiropractor, though, so I could make others feel like I did after I started getting care. I graduated after 4 tough years and have been serving patients since then.

Away for Luther Chiropractic

I was also fortunate enough to meet my wife, Dr. Jill, in chiropractic school and have since had two great kids- Megan and Troy. My wife is also a chiropractor, so now we get to bounce ideas off of each other. I usually have to pay for the advice, though, by doing some extra dishwashing, cleaning, or mowing the lawn more frequently than I want. I guess that’s the price I have to pay for good advice from my wife!

Can Chiropractic Help You?

You know what, though, even though I’m a busy guy, I never lose sight or respect for what I do and how much I help people achieve their health goals one adjustment at a time. Are you going to be next?! Give our Anchorage chiropractic office a call or email me with the link below. I never charge for consultations, so you’re welcome to make an appointment with no obligation.

Dr. Douglas Luther | (907) 868-1517